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Simple, flexible, and cost-effective medical billing solutions for physician practices, managed in your software or ours!

Medical Billing Services | Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

No matter specialty or software, PMDS has a solution for your practice.

Medical Billing

Turn-key medical billing services to manage your revenue cycle.

  • Medical Billing Services
  • Coding/Auditing Support
  • Industry Compliance

Front Office

Streamlined and efficient eligibility and pre-visit solutions.

  • Eligibility Verification
  • Pre-visit Support
  • Patient Communication


Dashboard analytics and medical billing performance metrics.

  • Performance Metrics
  • Dashboard & Reporting
  • Transparency & Visibility


Cloud and virtual environment design, implementation and support.

  • PM/EHR Cloud Hosting
  • Virtual Environments
  • Software Connectivity

Simplify your practice revenue cycle.

Reduce staff management and overhead.

Lean on PMDS to…

  • Optimize staff utilization.
  • Centralize your staffing resources.
  • Scale efficiently and effectively as you grow.
  • Reduce turnover and training burdens.
  • Improve compliance with industry standards.
  • Increase productivity and performance.
  • Deliver exceptional patient service.

Increase productivity and pay on performance.

What Makes PMDS Different From Other Medical Billing Services..?

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Do what you do best. Focus on patient care.

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PMDS is an innovative, fast-growing medical billing and revenue cycle management company for physician practices, multi-specialty groups, MSO’s and IPA’s. We can help you with the challenges of managing your revenue cycle, by utilizing industry standards and best practices, metrics based performance, and proven revenue cycle processes.

  • Increase revenue by 10-15%+
  • Reduce overhead by 5-10%+
  • Focus on patient care 100%
  • Partner with PMDS to grow & scale

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Secure medical billing is necessary for senior health

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Highly connected Web will be a mixed blessing for doctors

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Will wearables and analytics drive health care in the future?

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