Medical Billing Best Practices: Metrics and Key Performance Indicators

May 15th, 2013|

How does your medical billing department stack up to industry best practices? This is a question that is unfortunately not asked very often among administrators and physicians. Furthermore, it is extremely uncommon to find medical practices or organizations that operate under strict benchmarks and metrics, and have analytical tools in place to monitor daily […]

Conducting A Medical Billing Return On Investment Analysis For Your Medical Practice: Staffing & Payroll

December 8th, 2012|

In taking a look at a savings and revenue analysis relating to medical billing staffing and payroll costs, it is actually pretty easy to calculate the possible increase or decrease in expense.  This post will walk you through a simple process to be able to develop a cost analysis to compare in-house medical billing […]

Medical Billing Service Evaluation & ROI

October 18th, 2012|

Typically, practices look at a return on investment for utilizing a medical billing company as a matter of staffing and resource costs. While resource allocation is important, the focus should be on the current performance of the resources being utilized vs. the performance of other resources available. The differences in resource costs are typically […]