What the Election Day results mean for medical billing

November 5th, 2014|

Election Day has come and gone, and it appears that a lot of changes are coming to Washington, D.C., as well as state houses across the country.

Patient insurance verification saves time and money for practices

October 27th, 2014|

Expenses are a major part of any medical office, which is why patient insurance verification is one of the biggest tasks in medical billing for practices.

Great tips for collecting past due payments

October 14th, 2014|

It's always a tough situation when it comes to unpaid balances in your practice, but it's also one of the most common instances within any medical setting.

Create an effective appointment scheduling system for your practice

September 11th, 2014|

Patient scheduling and a top-notch medical billing services system usually go hand in hand.

Survival tips for small medical practices

September 3rd, 2014|

With the uncertainty of an increase in patients due to the Affordable Care Act, the growing number of hospitals and clinics, antitrust issues and many other factors, staying independent or small as a doctor can present its challenges.

Top ways doctors can increase income in their practice

August 28th, 2014|

Keeping a close watch on the bottom line in your practice is important, but it is also clear that doctors want to be rewarded financially for their efforts as well.

Saving time and money with patient insurance verification

August 14th, 2014|

The majority of people who enter your practice are going to have insurance, making patient insurance verification one of the biggest tasks your staff will face with physician billing services.

ASC medical coding and billing tips for financial success

August 8th, 2014|

Keeping your finances in order is one of the most important aspects of electronic medical billing, especially when it comes to ambulatory surgery centers.

Obamacare’s success now may present challenges later

July 24th, 2014|

The rollout of the Affordable Care Act seems to have proven successful, despite the shaky debut of the Healthcare.gov website and the political drama surrounding the issue for the past four years.

Uninsured rate dips across age groups in second quarter of 2014

July 15th, 2014|

There has been a lot of drama in Washington, D.C., surrounding the repercussions of the Affordable Care Act and other statewide measures pertaining the health insurance in 2014.