According to researchers from the University of Michigan, practices that used EHRs were more productive than those that didn't. The benefits of EHRs are well-known by this point, and the U.S. government is making it mandatory that all practices use EHR systems by the end of 2015 or pay a fee. Physicians should learn how to use medical software platforms to their advantage to help increase productivity. 

Get the proper training
Whenever you're learning a new skill, your productivity is going to drop. This holds true for physicians who recently switched over to an EHR at their practice. To help bolster productivity, consider taking training courses or hiring someone who can train the staff properly on your EHR system. EHRs are designed to make things easier, but if you're not exactly sure how to use them, then your productivity will suffer. Reach out to your EHR provider if you find yourself struggling with the EHR system. Ask them if they can send someone out to to your office or if they can provide virtual training or assistance until you feel comfortable using the software on your own. 

Use mobile devices
A good EHR will be accessible from a mobile device. This allows you to view patient information from anywhere at anytime. Most physicians are already using their phone or tablet to keep track of their appointments, practice information and communication – so adding mobile EHR access should be a fairly easy transition. If a physician does need help setting up or utilizing the EHR from their mobile device, some quick training may be necessary. Generally though, if they know how to use the system on their laptop or desktop, they should be able to access the mobile app. 

Implementation of a patient portal
A patient portal can eliminate some of the work that a physician and his or her employees have to do. The patient portal can be a good place for patients to update and input information as well as view their medical records. In addition to this, a patient portal can be used for prescription refills, referrals and lab test orders. 

Hire a scribe
Some physicians aren't as productive on a computer when it comes time to actually input data. For this reason, it might be a good idea for some doctors to hire a medical scribe. This person can take notes, input data and generally assist the physician with their duties. The best medical scribes will know medical terminology and be familiar with medical office practices.