When the front office runs well, usually the rest of the practice does too. Problems in the front office will ripple through the entire practice, so it's important to spend enough time making sure everything in the front office is running as smoothly as it can. For this to happen, it's good to set goals, track progress and share results with the team so they know how they're performing. While this isn't always easy, it is necessary. 

Set goals
In order for your staff to perform well, they have to know what's expected of them. Don't rely on your employees to go above and beyond if you haven't laid out specific goals. Setting benchmarks for the front office will let them know when they are doing a good job. Make sure you set goals high enough so that employees are busy and productive all day, but not so high that they can't reach them. If goals are unattainable or too demanding, the front office's team morale can suffer. 

Track and review progress with the front office
While setting goals is great, if you don't keep track of whether or not the goals are being met, you're not going to know if they're working. Tracking information will allow you to see how the front office is working and where it can improve. It's important to discuss this data with the front office team members. Although they are working there and probably have an idea of how things are going, it will be beneficial for you to talk big picture details with them. This will show them how the work they do fits into the overall practice and how improving in certain areas will affect the medical office as a whole. 

Use medical technology solutions for the front office
Software can help you track the front office services and actually see if it is as productive as it should be. Information can be spread across several spreadsheets and computers, so using some type of software solution that is designed specifically for the front office of a medical practice will put everything in one place. Specialty software for the front office can also help with productivity. These systems are designed to streamline the tasks and functions of the front office much more easily. Optimized software will have tools for tracking patient information and insurance verification as well as medical billing and coding.