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PMDS provides practices with complete transparency, while utilizing medical billing best practices to maximize results

Let’s Walk Through How Our Medical Billing Services Work…

First, We Easily & Securely Connect To Your Existing Software, OR We Connect You To Our Hosted PM/EHR Solution

Keep your existing software in place and practice data in-house, and let us connect to you! If you need a new PM/EHR software, we have an industry compliant, cloud-hosted solution ready for your practice to utilize.

  • Secure, HIPAA compliant connections to all your practice locations
  • Leverage PMDS services without losing control of technology or data
  • Workflow that integrates with existing systems and processes
  • Cost-effective, leading-edge technology options for your practice
  • Reduced overall business risk and improved practice efficiency

Next, We Carefully Review Charges For Correct Codes & Modifiers Prior To Submission To Ensure Proper Payment.

We follow a strict best practice of conducting a review of charges prior to submission, placing a great amount of importance on the charge review and revision process.

  • Charge review and revision on all charges prior to submission
  • Review and recommendations for Proper codes and modifiers
  • Scanning and electronic file sharing for non-EHR produced superbills
  • No courier services needed for superbills or documentation
  • Ensure proper reimbursement and faster payer turn-around times

Using Denial Alerts, Along With Contract & Fee Schedule Tools, We Track Claims & Ensure You Are Getting Full Payment

It’s not enough just to have a solid review process in place for charges, contracts and fee schedules must be managed properly with payments to understand what needs to be appealed and if full payment is received.

  • Denial and rejection alerts notify of claims needing to be re-worked
  • Contract/fee schedule tools track appeals and ensure proper payment
  • All appeals and denials are relentlessly pursued to resolution
  • Contracts and fee schedules are evaluated and reviewed periodically
  • Payments continue to come to your office or bank account lockbox

Then, Statements Are Sent & Accounts Receivable Follow-Up Is Proactively Performed On Outstanding Collections

With changes to health plans and insurance reimbursement levels, consistent A/R processes and follow-up are vital to financial health.

  • Efficient electronic patient statements and statement management
  • Strict insurance A/R and follow-up processes are managed to metrics
  • Minimize receivables outstanding greater than 90+ days ongoing
  • Maintain clean A/R and increase cash-flow into the practice
  • Leverage PMDS Front Office services for even more A/R services

Finally, Performance & Profitability Metrics & Charts Are Displayed Via Our Graphical Web-based Reporting Tools

Tracking financial metrics, performance indicators and practice health is imperative on a monthly basis. Our reporting tools make it easy to get the numbers you need to make business decisions.

  • Easy to use graphical charts and metric tables to track performance
  • Web-based interface for quick access to numbers and financial history
  • Automated alerts and messages update physicians and managers
  • Metrics can easily be compared to practice and industry benchmarks
  • No more excel sheets, data tables, or meaningless billing reports

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