Practices that deal with medical coding and billing on a daily basis are likely aware of the news about the Obama Administration's rollout of the new health care law, the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare). White House officials as well as the president announced earlier this month that the total number of American enrollees for private health plans was at least 7.5 million. However, the state exchange directors might offer even more of an accurate glimpse due to their Medicaid expansion and exchanges.

During the onset of the Affordable Care Act, there were several states, including California, New York, Kentucky, Washington and Connecticut, who all opted for their own functioning state exchanges, according to Kaiser Health News. This could change some of the numbers for electronic medical billing in the future for these regions. The source highlighted new numbers from Bill Nold, the deputy executive director of the Office of the Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange.

He determined that there were 2,000 new enrollees in the Bluegrass State on March 31 alone, and that one-third of the Kentuckians who purchased private insurance on the state exchange were age 35 or younger. One of the key goals of the Obama Administration was to have more young people sign up for these exchanges so that the ACA could be more financially sound, and it appears that in Kentucky at least, the plan is working.

Other regions experienced gains due to the state exchanges as well. For instance, in the final days that led up to the end of open enrollment, 39,000 signed up for plans in New York and an estimated 80 percent of these individuals did not have previous health insurance.

More enrollees with state exchanges as well as nationwide
These totals coincide with the survey released earlier this month from RAND American Life Panel that estimated 9.3 million Americans signed up for health coverage from September 2013 to March 2014. This means that overall number of uninsured Americans has dropped from 20.5 percent to 15.8 percent, with many of these individuals opting for Medicaid expansion or employer-based plans.

Regardless of where these new health care plans are originating, the news from the Obama Administration and the other states who ran their own state exchanges is clear – more Americans have health care coverage. This means that practices from coast to coast need to be prepared for their patient insurance verification needs in the near future.