Hiring the wrong person can cost your practice a lot of money due to the cost of training someone and the loss in productivity when they first start. Additionally, if they don't fit into your practice's environment very well they could cause disruptions in the office. This could increase the potential to further hurt productivity and morale of other employees, and possibly even damage your reputation with your patients. For these reasons, it's important to take the necessary steps when going through the hiring process and find someone who really fits well into your practice. 

Don't rush the interview process
The interview process can seem tedious and time-consuming, but if you don't take the time upfront to totally vet people, you might regret it later. Make sure there are multiple interviews conducted. Start with a phone interview, and if they seem to do a good job with that, bring them in for an in-person interview. Don't make impulse hires. Before making a decision, spend a few days and think about each candidate closely. 

Test their skills during the hiring process
During the in-person interview, it's a good idea to set aside a portion of time to test the skills candidates have listed on their resume. If they claim to be an experienced with medical billing codes, give them a test that's designed around some of the tasks they will be completing if they were to get the job. If you plan to have prospective employees take a test of some kind, make sure to notify them in advance that they will be tested on their abilities. You don't want to surprise them. You don't, however, have to tell them too much about the test, just a short description and the amount of time the test should take them to complete it. 

Bring current employees in on the hiring process
If you own or manage a practice, chances are you won't necessarily be working directly with the medical office employees all the time. That's why it can be a good choice to bring in other office employees. Choose one or two people who will be working with the new hire on a regular basis. Because they will all be working together, they should have a say in who is brought on. Also, current employees may ask relevant questions you don't think to ask. Asking the right questions is invaluable during the hiring process, and bringing in more people from the practice is a great way to make sure you're interviewing correctly.

Think about the applicant's personality
Personality is an important part of finding the right person for your practice. According to American Medical News, the physician usually sets the tone for the office's personality and culture. In general, you need someone whose personality aligns or fits into the culture that is currently established in your medical practice. It's difficult to tell during the hiring process how well they will fit into your practice, but you should be able to get an idea through couple interviews.

In the interview, make sure to ask specific questions about culture. If your office is loud, make sure they're comfortable working in this environment. If the office team goes out for an end of the week drink at the bar down the street, see if they would be interested. By finding out what they like to do when they're not at work, you'll have a better idea of if and how they can easily fit into your practice.