With the massive shifts in health care technology, the focus on proper machinery and medical coding and billing, it's easy to see why patients can sometimes get overlooked. However, it is crucial for physicians and staff to understand that patients are the most important aspect of your business.

According to Physicians Practice, your patients also have the unique ability to maximize your business more than you know – even if it simply good old fashioned word of mouth recommendation. Customer service still matters in the digital age, especially in a practice when one-on-one time is a major building block in the patient-doctor dynamic.

Giving patients self-respect and dignity
The customer experience is paramount, no matter what type of business you are in. The next time you walk into your practice for work, think about what your office looks and feels like from a customer's perspective. According to the Global Dispatch, some doctors focus too much on the vital signs and clinical side of the practice and forget that a doctor's office was designed to be an environment of healing and comfort. Helping your patients feel more respected and improving your interactions with them can better their health and the workflow of your practice.

Training your medical staff in customer service 101 is a great way to keep patients happy, satisfied and more willing to come back, according to Physicians Practice. The last thing you want is for your patients to feel unwelcome during their first visit. Consider some workshops or other online tools that can ensure new hires are on the same page when it comes to the patient environment at your practice.

Ask your patients how they found out about your practice
This is a simple but effective way to understand where the bulk of your customers are coming from, whether it's online, direct mail, on the radio or in the newspaper. This will largely depend in the city and region you live in, but keeping updated records of these marketing strategies can help you understand what works for your practice and what doesn't.

Using email as a communication and marketing tool
Electronic medical billing has no doubt changed the way that your coding system works, and the same can be done for your office's marketing and communication strategy. Most patients today want to be contacted by email for just about everything these days. This means that practices have a unique opportunity to market themselves by obtaining this information with every patient that comes through their doors.

Even if most of your patients only come in for routine check-ups, investing in email marketing is a wise idea. You can contact large amounts of individuals in a shorter amount of time, it's inexpensive and email happens at a much quicker pace. Be sure that all of your intake forms allow for patients to be contacted by email along with their carriers so that patient insurance verification and marketing opportunities are not overlooked.

Patient care can become more resourceful for your practice than you might realize. Although medical coding services can go a long way in helping you secure a better practice, it all starts with maintaining a happy, holistic and thriving customer service base that is centered around smart marketing and better care.