Dashboard & Reporting Solutions | Metrics & Performance

With specialized medical billing dashboards… practice metrics and performance have never been so easy to manage


Monthly Online Dashboard Reports Keep You Up To Date On The Health & Performance Of Your Practice

PMDS provides custom dashboards and reporting, available in a web application, that gives you all the billing and performance metrics you need in a simple, easy to use interface.

  • Charges, receipts & adjustment Data by provider
  • Accounts receivable data by aging buckets
  • All data sorted by practice or individual provider
  • Unique user login capabilities & view settings by provider
  • Monitor practice financial health & performance in one place

Data Trending Over Time Helps To Analyze Seasonal Changes In Production Or Patient Visits

Our specialized reporting system allows for data aggregation and time-series charts and graphs to better analyze performance over time and spot trends in practice data.

  • Financial time-series data by charges, receipts and adjustments
  • Accounts receivable data trended by aging buckets over time
  • Visits and procedure data comparisons over time
  • Practice seasonality trending by gross charges and payments
  • Gross collections and net collections trending over time



Key Metrics & Financial Indicators Help Practices To Easily Measure Against Industry Benchmarks

With industry key performance indicators and metrics, practices easily can compare performance to standard benchmarks and industry averages.

  • Gross charge trending and gross collection rates
  • Payment trending and net collections rates
  • Accounts receivable by insurance and patient aging trends
  • Charge and payment seasonality and performance trends
  • Practice health and financial metrics at your fingertips